Rules of the road

While driving on streets or highways, you may have noticed that not everyone, which may also include you, follows courtesy rules or traffic laws. The rules of the road are there to help prevent people from crashing into each other. However, these rules don’t prevent people from speeding, driving while distracted, or just being a good ole’ road hog. Bad driver habits can be dangerous, expensive, and potentially lethal.

Dangers to watch

Common Problems

Some of the more common bad driving habits include speeding; tailgating; parking in illegal places; driving while drowsy, drunk, on drugs, or distracted; and not yielding to other drivers when you should. While seemingly trifle things to drivers who do them, bad driving habits can lead to very serious consequences. If you habitually practice bad driving habits, you risk experiencing a serious crash that could take your life or impair you for the remainder of it.

Keep an Eye on Trucks

As if colliding with another vehicle isn’t bad enough, accidents with large trucks are extremely hazardous and usually deadly says a Dallas truck accident lawyer. Large freight trucks are big, heavy, and slow, and usually require more time and space to slow down than a car does. So if you are traveling too close to a large truck, it could end tragically. It is important to be alert of large trucks sharing the road with you and to give them the extra room they need.

Where are the Other Drivers?

Other bad driving habits that not everyone may realize is ignoring the placement of other drivers on the road. When drivers don’t use a turn signal, check blind spots, merge correctly, or yield to others, they run the risk of causing a crash just because they didn’t check where other drivers were around them. These safe driving habits seem unimportant, but in reality, they are very critical. They allow you to tell other drivers your intentions, and tell you what is safe or unsafe.

Keep It Safe

As you can see, even tiny details that most people blow off while driving can have a big impact. When driving, it is important to remember that you are not the only person on the road, and that other people may disregard rules of safe driving. Despite this, you must remember to practice good driving habits to avoid a crash, and to remind friends and family to do the same. It’s better to arrive at your destination late than to arrive there in bandages.